As you read in the “Home” section, this “book” is quite incom­plete. We collected the memories we had the chance to live with Claire or that she had shared with us, but we still have many documents (in her “archives” or ours) that we had not yet time to consider.

We have initiated this “book” on request of several friends, in India and in Belgium, who wanted to share the miles­tones of Claire’s life. We wish to make it as a tribute and to comme­morate this meaningful life. It is only with the help of all these friends that we will be able to complete (and correct ?) this “book”.

Do not hesitate to contact us :

  • tell us if you enjoyed this “book”, give us your sugges­tions, report the errors (indi­cating clearly to which “milestone” you refer);
  • send us your testimony, tell us some story, emotional moments or laughters, share with us a parti­cular photo.

We will try to include them as and when possible, and we will notify you by e-mail after important up-to-dates.

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